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Comparing the US Organic Infant Formulas


One of my girlfriends wrote me on Facebook recently with some news to share: that she just saw a press release from the Honest Company introducing a new organic baby formula to the market.  She said, “Maybe this will be like HiPP?”  Well, it’s not like HiPP at all.  It’s instead exactly like all the other baby formulas we have in the US, ridden with sugar disguised as glucose syrup solids.  … Read More →

Understanding the HiPP Organic Formula Line


From First Infant Stage 1 to Growing Up Stage 4 The following list a complete product line for HIPP Infant formulas, from birth until 24 months (if you are looking for HiPP Hungry, it has been discontinued!): HiPP Stage 1: Dairy-based HiPP organic formula suitable from 0-12 months HiPP Stage 2: Dairy-based HiPP organic follow on formula suitable from approximately 6-12 months HiPP Growing Up Stage 3: Dairy-based HiPP organics … Read More →