HiPP Stage 1 vs. Hungry Infant Comparison of HiPP Formula


Comparing Stages of HiPP Formula First Infant, Hungry Infant, and Follow On What is the difference between the HiPP First Infant Milk Stage 1 and the HiPP Hungry Infant Milk?  When do I start using the HiPP Follow On Milk Stage 2? I myself found it difficult to make heads or tails of the different stages. We are still using the First Infant Milk well into the 9th month of … Read More →

Storing & Measuring Tips for your HiPP Milk


HiPP Milk comes in a box, ecologically better for the environment and less costly to the consumer.  The box is designed so you can level off the formula and store the scoop on the box side, but I’ve found that the Gerber plastic bins work great for storing your HiPP formula and getting an even scoop.  Buy any Gerber Soothe, Gentle, or Good Start formula bin and simply peel off the … Read More →