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Understanding the HiPP Organic Formula Line


From First Infant Stage 1 to Growing Up Stage 4 The following list a complete product line for HIPP Infant formulas, from birth until 24 months (if you are looking for HiPP Hungry, it has been discontinued!): HiPP Stage 1: Dairy-based HiPP organic formula suitable from 0-12 months HiPP Stage 2: Dairy-based HiPP organic follow on formula suitable from approximately 6-12 months HiPP Growing Up Stage 3: Dairy-based HiPP organics … Read More →

Storing & Measuring Tips for your HiPP Milk


HiPP Milk comes in a box, ecologically better for the environment and less costly to the consumer.  The box is designed so you can level off the formula and store the scoop on the box side, but I’ve found that the Gerber plastic bins work great for storing your HiPP formula and getting an even scoop.  Buy any Gerber Soothe, Gentle, or Good Start formula bin and simply peel off the … Read More →