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Switch to HiPP: How to Make Transitional Bottles


If your little one is currently on another brand of dairy-based infant milk and you’re wanting to switch to HiPP, the rule of thumb is to make the switch gradually.  This is critical whenever moving from non-dairy to dairy (or vice versa), and it’s still a good practice even when your baby is already on a dairy formula. There are two good ways to do this.  First, you can make … Read More →

Making the Last Bit of HiPP Formula Last a Few More Bottles


We have a little trick we wanted to share with parents who might be running low on HiPP formula and needing it to last a few more days.  We sometimes suggest mixing HiPP Stage 1 with 1 part Enfamil Milk Based Infant Formula (in the yellow can) as has a virtually equivalent caloric value (slightly higher) to HiPP.  But this isn’t the best option always for parents, as this formula–like all … Read More →

Storing & Measuring Tips for your HiPP Milk


HiPP Milk comes in a box, ecologically better for the environment and less costly to the consumer.  The box is designed so you can level off the formula and store the scoop on the box side, but I’ve found that the Gerber plastic bins work great for storing your HiPP formula and getting an even scoop.  Buy any Gerber Soothe, Gentle, or Good Start formula bin and simply peel off the … Read More →