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Making the Last Bit of HiPP Formula Last a Few More Bottles

We have a little trick we wanted to share with parents who might be running low on HiPP formula and needing it to last a few more days.  We sometimes suggest mixing HiPP Stage 1 with 1 part Enfamil Milk Based Infant Formula (in the yellow can) as has a virtually equivalent caloric value (slightly higher) to HiPP.  But this isn’t the best option always for parents, as this formula–like all the others–contains a host of highly processed and synthesized oils and glucose substrates.  Who wants to feed their baby mortierella alpine oil (fungus), crypthecodinium cohnii oil (species of algae), polydextrose (glucose), palm olein (a synthetic liquid fraction of palm oil), and high oleic sunflower oil (synthetically bred to be high in monounsaturated fats and low in polyunsaturated fats so they can increase shelf-life)?

To avoid running out of HiPP formula or having to make transitional bottles with half of another formula, here’s a little trick.

  • Don’t throw out your scoops when you go through a box of HiPP.  Save at least one or two.
  • When you receive your new HiPP formula, take 1 of the foil pouches (or 1/2 of the pouch) and keep it in a zippered area in your diaper bag.  Just place the scoop inside and seal it up.

You will forget over the weeks that you have extra formula–but it will be there for you when you get to your last amount.  Although HiPP doesn’t have the two year shelf life of the other formulas (because it isn’t synthetic), it does have a 1+ year expiration.  Keeping a small amount in a sealed container with an extra scoop out of site will ensure that if you have an emergent need, there will be at least a day’s worth (or two) available when you least expect to need it.


  1. Arianna Rosa says:

    I have purchased and have been giving my one mo th old the German version of the stage 1 since birth and recently ordered from a new site. The site shipped to me the French version of the stage 1. My questions is whether or not there’s a difference between the 2 and it will bother my newborn’s stomach?

    • HiPP USA says:

      Hi, the German formula and the French export are similar, but each formula will conform to the standards of the respective country’s health department. Labeling standards for infant milk are strict, so your packaging will indicate to you the full ingredients list and vitamineral nutrients content. You may need to translate the french ingredients list and compare to the German list. A common difference among the EU countries is that some export products will not contain the probiotic element of the German line, but in order to verify you would really need to compare the specific ingredients labeling on your package with the standard German panel.

  2. leuvina says:

    hi! my one month old baby is having allergies with his current formula, i was thinking if swtiching to hipp and i have read the previous questions regarding the hypo allergenic type but sadly i have not seen any here in the philippines. can i give him the hipp 0-6 months instead? thank you!

    • HiPP USA says:

      Hi, thank you for your message. Unfortunately, if your little one has a true milk allergy, you will not be able to use the regular HiPP formula. A test for milk allergy can be confirmed by your doctor and your baby will need to be using a hypoallergenic formula only.

  3. Brittany says:

    Hi there, where do I find the expiry date on the box?



    • HiPP USA says:

      Hi, thanks for your message. The expiry date will be printed on the bottom panel of the box as well as imprinted below the top seal of each foil sachet.

  4. Laura says:

    How many scoops of hipp formula to one ounce of water. It’s confusing.

    • HiPP USA says:

      Hi, thanks for your message. For an actual HiPP scoop, the ratio is 1 scoop to 1 fluid oz of water.

  5. Kate says:

    Everywhere I read, it says that Hipp HA contains a completely Hydrolized protein. In ingredients it says hydrolized whey. Alimentum is hydrolized casein. So why are you saying Hipp HA is partially broken down?

    • HiPP USA says:

      Hi, thanks for the clarification. Yes, you are correct, HiPP HA is partially hydrolyzed milk protein–which is different than Similac Alimentum, which is a fully hydrolyzed milk protein. Some parents will, in fact, try HiPP HA, and if the infant is too sensitive to this, then they will move to Similac. It is always important to ask your Pediatrician what he recommends and how to proceed.

  6. Nelda Trejo says:

    With the HiPP formula should I use UK fluid oz or US fluid oz measurement?

    • HIPP USA says:

      Hello, thanks for your comment. The difference is negligible between the imperial ounce (UK) and the US ounce, if you are making up just one bottle. If you need to be absolutely accurate about the measurement, then use ml. The ratio is 90ml to 1 level scoop of HiPP formula.

  7. Michela says:

    Hello,can I still give to my daughter the hipp formula after 3 weeks that the bag is open?

    • HiPP USA says:

      Hi, thank you for your message. The manufacturer does not recommend formula exposed to air to be used beyond 3 weeks.

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