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Lost Your HiPP Stage 1 Scoop?

Have you lost the little scoop that comes with your formula?  Here are the actual measurements for how much formula each scoop contains.  Please note that these measurements equate to the UK line of HiPP Infant milk products:

HiPP First Infant: 4.3g per level scoop

HiPP Hungry Infant: 4.5g per level scoop

Follow On Milk: 4.7g per scoop

HiPP Growing Up Milk: 4.6g per scoop

Parents have asked how to approximate this without a scoop, having lost theirs.  If you cannot measure your grams with a food scale, then order another scoop as soon as you can.  The small First Infant scoop is approximately more than half a level tablespoon, however it is very important to use the scoop that is included with your baby milk.  The approximation should only be used in an emergency until you can obtain another scoop.

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